About the Chamber

The Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote and support the growth and development of the local business community. Among our nearly 600 members is an eclectic mix of commercial, retail, industrial, and home-based businesses; medical, governmental, and educational entities; as well as churches and other not-for-profit service and social organizations. We are a full service business development association with targeted programs designed to recruit and retain new customers, reduce operational expenses in key areas for our members, and provide strategic advocacy on a local, state, and national level. 

The Chamber's ongoing focus is to continue to provide education and professional development, relationship building opportunities, quality events and marketing vehicles and other necessary business information for our members. We deliver this value through four core areas which are expanded upon in our Vision Statements: 

Connectivity * Visibility * Growth * Community 

We are governed by a fourteen member Board of Directors and our services are provided by a valuable group of volunteers, business leaders, and professional staff led by our Executive Director, Kevin O'Keeffe. The Chamber can be reached through a variety of sources including web and email, social media outlets, and of course in person at our office. For more information on us or any of our programs please contact us at (630) 226-8420. 

We are currently governed by these by-laws.

Mission Statement:

To promote the growth and development of our business community while enhancing a competitive enterprise system.

Vision Statements:

1) The Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce will connect it's members to current and future customers by delivering programs that build transformational relationships within the business environment.

2) The Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce will make our members more visible to their market by increasing their company's brand and image through high quality advertising and promotional vehicles.

3) The Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce will assist in helping our members grow professionally and personally through shared resources and strategic partnerships available to owners, managers, and employees.

4) The Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce will make a positive impact on our community by being the collective voice for our members and playing a defining role in how business is done.