Signature Events, Monthly Meetings, Educational Programs, and More!

 The Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a large variety of events in partnership with our sponsors throughout the year. These events are primarily aimed at business development or professional growth for our members. This includes:

    *regular monthly luncheons,
    *ribbon cuttings
    *after hour events
    *professional development seminars
    *Signature Events.

All of our Signature Events along with most of our luncheons and ribbon cuttings are televised locally on BCT-6 and each attracts its own variety of guests. 

Attending chamber events is the single greatest resource for growing sales in your business. People do business with people. We hear everyone say this all the time! But in the chamber industry it really happens. Sit at a table in our next monthly luncheon and listen to a member promote another member's business, with no gain for themselves. This "virtual sales" process is ongoing and allows you to grow your business even when you can't be somewhere. However, the only way to build your "virtual sales" team is by attending events and building relationships with other members.